Cleveland Plain Dealer
"High on individuality, Schmidt's rendition of the great violin showpiece was impossible to resist, captivating with lyricism, tonal warmth, and boundless enthusiasm. Where so many performances are carbon copies, this one was his alone."
Zachary Lewis Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Chronicle Herald
"He soared, he dazzled, he ripped the double-stops from the strings in handfuls, and rippled through the scale passages with a tone of silvered lightning."
Stephen Pedersen The Chronicle Herald
Lansing City Pulse

"As soon as Schmidt's bow reached final apogee, 2,000 bodies shot up reflexively."

Lawrence Cosentino Lansing City Pulse
" acutely focused, gleaming sound that recalls Perlman in his prime. Schmidt also possesses a daunting technical arsenal and sailed through the bravura passages of the outer movements with remarkably even articulation at a rapid tempo, without breaking a sweat." Read More...
Lawrence A. Johnson The Miami Herald
Las Vegas Sun
"Schmidt's intense impassioned feat of artistry - and athletisicm - was a tough act to follow... The audience was held in rapt, seemingly breath-holding silence..."
Joe Brown Las Vegas Sun
South Florida Classical Review
"Schmidt clearly can make the violin do whatever he wants, and his musical maturity puts him ahead of many young performers."
David Fleshler South Florida Classical Review
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
"His cadence in the first movement triggered "unconventional" but sustained applause. His technique is diabolic, and his expression in the second movement was clean and moving. A well-deserved standing ovation."
Valeria Wenderoth Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"...his thick, vibrato-rich sound and sure self-possession suggested a player at least a generation older. Schmidt got to the rhapsodic soul of the music with a colorful sense of inflection and virtuosic flair."
Matthew Erikson Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Detroit Free Press
"...with a dark-roasted tone that easily filled Orchestra Hall... He caressed the Andante with a full-bodied passion, confidence and slides that winked, perhaps, at [Perlman's] style. The Moto Perpetuo finale went out in a blaze of glory leaving no doubt that Schmidt's got major-league chops."

Mark Stryker Detroit Free Press
"...Schmidt held the audience rapt. There was not a cough or rustle to be heard.
At times [he] made this most familiar of concerti sound fresh, almost improvisatory, as if the music had never been heard before." Read More...
Peter Goodman Newsday
San Francisco Classical Voice
"...The virtuoso Brahms Sonata was a thrill in all respects: stylish, passionate, technically on the mark and utterly convincing. The same came along with the two Sarasate pieces ... sauced with a pinch of Spanish spice that was perfect. These were confirmation of Schmidt's musicianship and prospects at full sail, music making in the grand tradition. This could be a major career, and deserves careful nurturing."

Heuwell Tircuit San Francisco Classical Voice
Charleston City Paper
"His rich, buttery tone, lush vibrato, and dead-on intonation were all reminiscent of one of the great violinists of our time...Schmidt realized the composer's moments of honeyed lyricism and yearning romance to shattering effect."
Lindsay Koob Charleston City Paper
"...The very emotionality and physicality of his performance, virtually always moving, almost dancing, at times nearly transforming himself into a whirling dervish, is glorious to watch..." Read More...
Peg Goldberg Longstreth Naples Daily News
El Paso Inc.
"Schmidt's emotions get full play on his face as he becomes one with the music. A rhapsodic first movement, flawless intonation in the fugue and a lyrical andante climaxed in a joyous finale and an impeccable overall performance that stampeded the audience into default standing ovation.
His warm, loving personality is as endearing as his affair with the fiddle."
Betty Ligon El Paso Inc.
"Like the gypsy woman Ravel tone-paints, Schmidt started the cadenza that opens the piece with a rough, coarse burr, gradually peeling back musical layers to reveal her true beauty..." Read More...
Eric Harrison Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
New York Times
" ... At the [New York Youth Symphony's] Carnegie Hall concert on Sunday afternoon ... the orchestra matched and amplified the lush, shapely sound that Giora Schmidt brought to the solo line."
Allan Kozinn New York Times
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"...The fireworks were blazing, the rapid passage work sharp, delineating the concerto's mysterious tone and rapid mood changes. In the streams of melody of the second movement, Schmidt's restrained style brought out this anti-Romantic composer's formal lyricism, letting the music speak for itself in an effective and moving performance."
David Fleshler South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"Giora Schmidt offered a stunning silky tone, technical wizardry, and immensely stylish playing, the sparks flying in the "Allegro energico" finale, which had soloist and orchestra playing on steroids."

J.H. Stape
" ...Violinist Giora Schmidt, performed an extraordinary transcription of Schubert's
"Erl King" by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst. Here was the poem itself brought to complete aural life through the manipulation of the four violin strings alone -- we heard the voices and felt the horror. Here, virtuosity met genuine emotion."
Patrick J. Smith
"... Schmidt held the audience spellbound. His playing was satirical or exquisitely sweet, witty or fiendishly intense, but never sacrificed a consistently beautiful and ringing tone." Read More...
K.S. Morrison Macon Telegraph
The Day (New London, CT)
"Featured soloist Giora Schmidt began by pulling notes from his violin's low register, making the instrument buzz and keen in the surrounding silence. It was a mesmerizing and curious beginning to the work, and by the time the rest of the orchestra added fuel to the fire, Schmidt had already proved himself a virtuosic player who played with compelling body language and a visible sense of humor..."
Ben Johnson The Day (New London, CT)
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